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27 January 2011 @ 08:42 am
Ten years ago, I married a lady named Hanna. We were very much in love, and we made each other very happy.

Now, I'm married to a lady named Hanna. We are very much in love, and we make each other very happy.

I'm not the Nigel I was ten years ago. She's not the Hanna she was. Somehow, though, we've gone from being two people in love to being two people in love. I would - and could - endlessly blather on about this, but for those of a nervous disposition, I shall try and sum it up.

She makes me smile, she makes me laugh, she makes me feel giddy. She makes me want to be more.

I make her smile and laugh (giddiness unconfirmed). I also make her tea and toast. :D
Hello everyone.

So, this is an actually important LJ post. Begging for advice.

9 years and 347 days ago, halcyon_shift and I finally went to the registry office and got ourselves wedded. We've been wedded ever since, I'm ecstatically happy to say, but in 18 days time (January 27th) it will be the tenth anniversary of that occasion.

The reason for the 'but' in that sentence is that, at 10 years, 'dinner-and-a-movie' doesn't quite cut it as an appropriate gift. 'Romantic and/or insane gestures with little actual expense' are welcome, but this really needs something more.

So, dear flist, most of you know halcyon_shift already. She's amazing, and she deserves a decent present, and I'm asking for suggestions.

10th anniversary means;

- Tin.
- Aluminium.
- Diamonds.
- Nothing cheap and/or gimmicky.
- No, seriously, I've been looking and everything I've found should probably be stamped with "DANGEROUS LEVELS OF WUV, CHECK SAFETY EQUIPMENT AND MAINTAIN A DISTANCE OF AT LEAST 10 FEET" before being hurled into the heart of the Sun. (I have no problem at all with 'Love', naturally, but the tacky charm of 'wuv' is just so wrong for this. Unless there is something, out there, which happens to be 'just so right' due to it containing too much 'wrong' for it to actually be wrong. If that makes sense).
- I'd love it to be something she could use. Back when we both smoked, that could have been a cigarette case/lighter/other obscure smoking paraphernalia. But now, she's smoke-free and on her computer (mostly working) for 12 or more hours a day. No walking boots either, I guess is what I'm saying.
- I need to get it here, ideally, by the 27th. If that's not possible, it needs to be awesome and arrive within, say, a week after. And I'll need to be able to get a picture of it and put it in a box to fool her into believing it's the present itself or something at least until she opens it.
- Feel free to imagine the next few things as variations on "HELP! HELP MEEEE!" and so on.

To sum up...

[geek] Help me online ones, you're my only hope. [/geek]

EDIT: Now unlocked, for my wife's viewing pleasure. Because she asked ;)
Current Mood: scaredand panicky
18 December 2010 @ 02:32 pm
Hello all!

I'm no longer in Suffolk (yay!)

Relatively speaking, my Mum is feeling much better (yay!)

I'm an Uncle for a second time (yay!)

I just had coffee.

30 October 2010 @ 10:02 pm
On my iGoogle homepage, I have a bunch of Things. News, weather, email, quotes of the day, word of the day... And the 'How to of the Day'.

Sometimes, the combination of (I assume random) 'How to's happens to be awesome.

Like today.

How to forgive yourself...Collapse )
07 August 2010 @ 09:17 pm
So, uhm. I've mentioned this to a couple of people, and a couple of others have already read some of it (pre-editing).

But since doing that, I've edited it (of course). And screamed inside and re-edited, because of things and stuff. (God I hate those two, I would've gotten away with it too if etc. etc.)

And it seems I've written a book. It's just over 82,000 words, and it's a bit of a surprise because I haven't written anything since I did GCSE English (well, other than some roleplaying stuff, mainly online World of Darkness things... GAH! THINGS AND STUFF AGAIN! REPEL ALL BOARDERS!)


It's called "The Once And Future Jim", and it's definitely from the fiction side of the brain. It's a take on the whole Many Worlds genre (they call them "Places", complete with the capital letter), and I find it hard to explain beyond that.

I'm telling you this because I am not an impartial judge of my own work. It may, in fact, be 82,000 words that should never again see the light of day. Or, they may revel in the light of day, I just don't know.

To put it simply: Is there anyone on my flist that's willing & able & happy to read through my book?

My gratitude will be abundant, although I have no idea how best I could express it, beyond daily "THANKYOUSOMUCH" emails (or, of course, the lack of said emails, depending on personal taste *s*)
03 August 2010 @ 07:35 am
Someone decided that the world lacked a proper mockery of the old education shows.

This is that mockery.

...and stop writing now.
I'm going to assume that if you're reading this, you've seen the Old Spice adverts.

(If you haven't, the first one is here).

Alright, now you've seen the first Old Spice ad.

Go here. Now back to me. Now back to here. Then back to

That's the second Old Spice ad. Now click on the 'Responses' on the right.

(If you see the start of 'Re: Everyone': Yes, he has a bottle of bodywash tucked in his towel, he has a slew of gold medals around his neck, those are lovely candlesticks and it is indeed a chainsaw. And it gets better).

We just lost about an hour and a half, and we were getting towards halfway through the hilarity of his responses.
08 July 2010 @ 01:00 pm

With interesting notes about how they seem to have sleep patterns based on societal, not genetic differences, and what this may mean, and AWWWWW THEY HAVE A TINY MEERKAT! AND A SLEEPY ONE!

*ahem*, 'm fine thankee :D